The complaint may be submitted by any organization or individual (referred to as the complainant) and must be submitted in writing, ideally via the form at
The complainant must provide his identification data, substantiated justification of the complaint and the necessary objective evidence to support his claims.

PROCEDO does not deal with complaints filed unless the complainant is identified (anonymous complaints).

The certification body shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the complainant in writing (by mail and also by letter, by registered mail).
PROCEDO will settle the complaint within 30 working days of its delivery.
In justified cases the time may be extended, which the complainant must be informed in writing (by mail, letter).

The complaint resolution process is confidential.
A complaint may be submitted by the complainant to:

  • a certified client
  • unsatisfactory provision of services
  • Certification process
  • or any unacceptable situation arising from PROCEDO activities.

The person (s) involved in the complaint process differs from those involved in the assessment (audit, certification decision, and others) and could have any relationship with the certified client (in the last 2 years since the complaint was filed).

If a complaint has been filed against a certified client, the quality manager informs the certified client of this fact and asks him/her to express it - in writing (by mail, letter).
The client must send the construction site to the complaint within the set time limit (maximum 5 days).
If not, the PROCEDO Certification Body is responsible for carrying out an extraordinary audit on a certified client's review procedures on the spot. This extra audit is at the expense of a certified client.

In the case of complaint against PROCEDO activities, the area to which the complaint is lodged is checked by the quality manager.
If PROCEDO recognizes, based on the collected and evaluated information, that the complaint is justified, in the case of a certified client, it may suspend or revoke the certificate. In the event of a complaint against the activities of the Certifying Authority, a corrective action identified and preventive action must be established and implemented.
The complainant is informed of the outcome of the complaint in writing (by e-mail, letter).

An appeal may be lodged within 14 working days of receipt of the decision, together with the necessary objective evidence. The appeal shall include:

  • Identification¬†- name, surname or name of organization
  • The reason: Appealed (decision to suspend certification, the decision to withdraw certification, the decision to narrow down the scope of certification, the decision to withdraw the registration of an application for conformity assessment, the decision not to grant certification ("Decision").

PROCEDO shall acknowledge receipt of the appeal in writing (by mail and by letter, by registered mail). The appeal is reviewed. If it is found that the appeal does not concern the activities of the certification body, the appellant shall be informed that PROCEDO is not responsible for the contested certification activities. If the appeal is found to relate to the activities of the certification body, the quality manager's director shall entrust the appeal and inform the appellant. The appellant is informed about the status of the solution and its result in writing (by e-mail and also by letter) within 30 working days; in justified cases, the time may be extended to 60 working days. Submission, investigation and decision on appeals do not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant. In case there arise any costs in line with the CB decision confirmation on suspension, withdrawal or scope reduction of the certification from the side of accreditation of authorization body, the client is obliged to settle these costs to CB in its full amount.

For appeal, please contact us.